Avalanche III


Avalanche - surveying (down via Bar Pot)

Team: Jana, Jarv, Tom, Sandeep, Marc

Once again Tom was free and so was his car to drive us long way up to Yorkshire.

On Saturday the weather was perfect to walk up Gaping Gill - not to hot and not too sunny. I start rigging at about 2 PM. Later on rigging get a bit complicated, since I kind of manage to take instead of 40m rope the 90m rope. The number 9 on the side that I looked look almost like 4. And packing in a rush was an easy mistake. Jarv was the one who suffered that mistake by taking out not just 90m but also another wet 60m rope left in Avalanche.

First time we tried our new laser distance meter. It works great. All you must be careful is to hold it still, preferably with both hands.

We were back to the hut at 11 PM.

But that the evening would not be to short, we manage to forget the phone near the cave entrance. It was midnight when Jarv and Tom sacrifice themselves to walk up again.

We woke up in a perfect Sunday. And a natural response was - let's go walking. We walk up Pen-y-gent. All sunburnt a bit we drove back to London.