Derbyshire II


Dave Kirkpatrick, Giulio Deganutti, Izi Možir, Jarvist Frost, Niko Kral, Oliver Myerscough, Saber King, Su Teh, William French


Maskhill <> Oxlow

Mashill -> Oxlow: Oli, Jarv, David KP, William

Oxlow -> Maskhill: Nico, Izi, Riaan, Giulio, Saber

Oxlow <> Oxlow: Su

Trip made slightly more challenging by a rather odd assortment of rope from London. We permutated as best we could during the morning at the chapel, finding the ropes in Maskhill persistently finishing frustratingly halfway down pitches, yet having just enough meterage to reach the bottom with skipping p-bolts and expo-rigging to ensure minimal rope consumption. The Oxlow team, strangely, had a spare rope when they got to the bottom!

This was Su's first SRT trip, so she didn't try the traverse, but took some photos in the main chamber before heading out Oxlow. Surface to glorious sunshine, and an efficient return to the TSG before JMF stole the minibus and went to see the CDG at their Orpheus retreat.


Peak Cavern - Ink Sump

Glorious Porters: Giulio (until the 2nd muddy duck), Riaan, Izi, Saber, Oli, Su, David KP

Divers: Jarv & Clive Westlake

A too-early start saw us squeezing into damp kit at the chapel while slurping tea. Six heavy tackle sacs of gear (Clive and JMF were diving on 7L cylinders) were whisked away and into the cave, allowing the divers to swim off into Inksump within 80 minutes of entering Peak Cavern. Giulio baled at the 2nd muddy duck (unfortunately, the last wet place!), with a curse on wet english caves. The dry cavers then went to explore the region beyond 'Surprise View', checking out Far Sump.

The porters returned 5 minutes ahead of the divers returning, and again, the gear was efficiently whisked away and out of the cave as fast as it was removed. All were out for 3PM, to bask in the sunshine, make do on their lack of morning fried breakfast & effect an early return to London.


Dive report for the CDG Newsletter


INK SUMP 9-6-13 Divers: Jarvist Moore Frost, Clive Westlake Sherpas: Imperial College CC

With the promised assistance of a team of Imperial College cavers, JMF and CDW chose to dive with the large air margin afforded by 7 litre cylinders. The sherpas whisked the six tackle sacks through Peak Cavern directly to Ink Sump, enabling JMF and CDW to submerge 80 minutes after entering the show cave. Ink Sump was a lovely dive, with almost perfectly visibility for JMF at the front, with just odd wisps of suspended silt in the water. The 8 mm beige line is extremely well belayed, with numerous lead and bolt anchors. The final section of line between the last airbell and Doom's Retreat is currently trapped under a circa. 5 metre long section of split cobbles from landscaping in the aven.

Beyond the sump, CDW and JMF dekitted, ascending the fixed ladders to admire progress at the dig front, and take advantage of the hospitality at Jim's house.

Warmed by hot Ribena, CDW and JMF kitted up for the return an hour after surfacing. JMF was sensibly instructed to wait on the line after the trapped section till reunited with CDW. Visibility on the way out was an acceptable 2-5 metres, except for the last 30 m approaching Ink Sump where it dropped to below a metre.

Many thanks to some extremely able portering by Imperial College CC which made this such a pleasant and low effort dive, and Jim Lister for arranging access and hospitality at short notice. `