Recent Trips
Date Destination Hut Caves
8th to 10th Mar Yorkshire 5 NPC Yorkshire
31st May to 2nd Jun Yorkshire 6 NPC Yorkshire
14th to 16th Jun Yorkshire 7 (first aid) NPC Yorkshire

Hi there! Welcome to the Imperial College Caving Club.

If you're new here, check out this video to see what we're all about:

If you're interested in caving, this is the place to try it out. Feel free to have a look around at some recent trip reports to learn about what we do, and look here for a brief summary. If you have any questions, just send us an email at, or find us at the pub every Tuesday from 6pm - we'll be in 568 or the Union Bar, probably wearing a noticeably muddy helmet.

During termtime we'll be running weekend trips every two weeks or so, with sign-up emails being sent out to the mailing list. The first two trips to Wales won't require any training or experience at all - you can just sign up and come along, and we'll provide all the equipment you need.

We'll be running rope training sessions every Wednesday, 1-5pm in Princes Gardens during Autumn term, where you can familiarise yourself with the equipment and SRT (single rope technique). You can just turn up and stay for as long as you like; just look for some people hanging in trees next to the Ethos sports centre. These skills will be used on trips to Yorkshire and Derbyshire, where the caves are predominantly vertical.


This year our annual visit to the Mendips became an "old lags" weekend as ICCC members both young and old descended upon the Shepton for a weekend of Somerset caving. A resounding success with over a dozen old lags attending, many a tale was shared over a pint of cider, and hopefully old lags weekends become a regular item in the calendar!


Derbyshire! Our annual pilgrimage to the land of mud lived up to its usual reputation: a JH - Peak exchange with high highs and low lows, a poke around Nettle Pot, a cheeky rigging trip to Eldon and a hangover cure in P8. Not to mention some hiking, bread and butter pudding, demolished Aldis and Chris being tied to a chair.

We hit up an impressive number of wet-weather classics over a week of poor weather for winter tour - plenty of trips into Easegill and King Pot - as well as adding new caves to the club repertoire: Voldemort Hole on Leck Fell and Knock Fell Caverns in faraway Cumbria. Little chaos meant more time for entertainment, including Christmas Dinner, covers of Last Christmas, frequent train journeys, and endless fun with the laminator.


A second trip to Yorkshire! Kevin's great birthday weekend at the NPC had all sorts of unusual trips: New Rift, F'ing Hopeless, Tatham Wife Hole. Lots of mud. Lots of pretties. Lots of birthday.


First trip to Yorkshire: classic West Kingsdale fresher trips to Bull Pot and Rowten (with another group in Alum Pot) on Saturday, and everyone on Leck Fell on Sunday.


The SWCC is under construction so, after many years away, ICCC returned to the Westminster Speleological Group (WSG) and their tiny white cottage. There were caves, fire alarms, and pumpkins galore for this Halloween weekend in deepest Wales.


The first trip of the year had us stomping through the mighty halls of Aggy, crawling through the unnecessarily tight squeezes of Eggy, and enjoying the beautiful Welsh countryside in good company. All the boxes were ticked: comforting damp darkness, minibus songs, and the finest games known to cavers. Also Chris invented a questionable new addition to the game repertoire, Laura got lost many a time, and of course Matti cooked the eggy bread to perfection.


As we begin the new academic year, let's give our new committee their much overdue welcome. Congratulations to the new committee for ending Matti's reign as Supreme Leader and for thwarting RON's rise to power.

Ellie Pizey
Chris Hayes
Kevin Sohn
Tackle Master
Julien Jean
Social Secretary
Leo Antwis
Health and Safety Officer
Laura Temple
Tours Secretary
Astrid Rao
Expedition Secretary
Ana Teck
Wojtek Sowinski
Media Officer
Valery Kirensky

And, as always, our commiserations to the winners of the following awards:

Herman Herz: Julien, nominated for staring into the face of death as he slowly but surely slipped off the ledge in OFD’s Edward’s Shortcut into the pit below. Credit to Astrid for leaping into action to prevent disaster.

For Evans' Sake: Chris, nominated for expertly watering the plants by the path in the Wormwood Scrubs with a perfect parabola of urine while gracefully in motion on his bike, even executing a corner effortlessly mid-piss.


Wretched Rabbit is open again so we had to go back! We exchanged with County Pot and were out in good time. A breakaway party had a FAAB trip to the bottom of FOUL Pot, also getting out before the forecasted heavy rain. Sunday held another successful exchange trip, between Boxhead and It's a Cracker on Leck Fell. A cracker of a weekend.


While typically not deemed worthy of documentation, this year's attendance at the annual Hidden Earth national caving conference unfolded with such astounding drama that it insisted on being immortalized in the written epic saga of Panda-monium.