21-22 February 2004

Photographs by Lyndon here , and some by James Roberts from the Sunday 'trip' here.
Photos on this page are by Colm.

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Meregill is a cave I've wanted to do for a long time. Rumours of 'dodgy rigging' and advice to 'bring your rock-climbing gear' had put me off. There was also the matter of a fairly nasty flood warning in Dave Elliot's book. However, with fine weather, the newly P-bolted cave was now top of my list

Andy and I headed off after the requisite Bernies stop. Parking by the side of the road, we took the direct route to the entrance which turned out to be fairly easy. We then spent a bit of time faffing looking for the dry entrance before finding it in the next field!

Bit of a tight entrance tube, but no real problems as we marched down the cave. Andy and I know each other quite well, so there was no real discussion about who rigged what, it just got done by whoever was there. The rigging is quite satisfactory, but nothing special. The final pitche was a bit wet,and I couldn't find a way of fixing the rope away from the wall, so we had to live with it.

The end of the cave goes on and on and on, getting smaller and tighter and wetter. We eventually gave up and set out on our return. The soaking on the bottom pitch didn't help us on the way out, and we ended up plodding, emerging knackered in the darkness. Back to the car, and onwards to the hut for well deserved fodder.

The others

Forgotton what they did, but looking at the photos, I have a sneaking suspicion they weren't supposed to be there, so best leave it at that.