Welcome to the Imperial College Caving Club New Zealand expedition subsite. Here we'll be detailing our efforts as we prepare for an expedition to the other side of the world. Get started with:

  • Introduction - A description of the expedition and its aims.
  • Itinerary - A quick run through of our plans.
  • Team - Meet the intrepid members of the expedition.

An incredible documentary video put together by Tanguy Racine accurately depicting life on the New Zealand expedition. It's got peppers, it's got chickens, it's got everything.


The report! A full account of what went on, complete with photos and expedition log book extracts. A rollercoaster of a story in over 30 chapters, crammed with sizzling kiwis.

A mid expedition update from Rhys. Cheated of their high altitude Karstic dreams by the weather, the expedition hunkers down in the remains of the Luminate music festival and sets about cave exploration.


Mount Owen is a snow go area so the team gathers in a roadside camp site to do some thinking.

Eds cellar is the target of the cavers attention this time. Braving the rain, terryfying rigging, and doubtful leads the team pushes on.


The expedition begins in earnest! New(ish) caves found, a big project started, and rain! So much rain.

The first steps are taken in New Zealand. Jet lag and rain hamper progress but the team is determined to get things done.

Rolling updates from the expedition, in the field in New Zealand.

It's incredible how much stuff you need to live on a mountain for two weeks. It's remarkable how much stuff you need to explore and descend undiscovered caves. It's truly astounding how much stuff you need to do both!


We're taking quite a few prescription drugs on our expedition. In this blog post, I'll discuss what we're taking and why, and how we acquired them.

Makita have very generously agreed to sponsor our expedition, and have provided us with two new DHR164 rotary hammer drills. In this blog post, I'll discuss how the new drills have been modified to take external batteries.


Our resident geologist, Tanguy Racine, sates our apatite for sedimentary reasoning, with this deposition on New Zealand's faults, marbelous formations and other boulder topics.

We turn out to be hazardous material in the eyes of the New Zealand border control. It seems foreign dirt is not something they want on their soil. Unfortunately our kit is mostly comprised of dirt.

I spent Sunday evening modifying a Makita drill to use an external battery. The drill is slightly different from the one we already had, and after a bit of experimental soldering, it seems to be working fine. I'm posting this guide in case it helps anyone else wanting to modify one of these drills.


A guest post from Jarvist Frost, veteran caver and inveterate tinkerer on the new Lithium Ion batteries we'll be taking to New Zealand for our drills.

Tanguy, Rhys and Jack went on an Expedition First Aid Course run by Marlin Training, where we learnt advanced techniques such as injections, suturing and using oxygen masks.


The first NZ expo specific trip! A fantastic first aid training weekend complete with in-cave simulations in Goatschurch and a tourist trip to GB Cavern on Sunday.