Mendips II


Clewin Griffith, Darryl Anderson, Dave Loeffler, Jarvist Frost, Rik Venn

After a rather faffy start on Friday, we were finally crawling past lorries on the M4 when with a sudden 'ker-clunk' our sexy Ford Transit sounded like a WWII tank. Loitering at the Reading services while waiting for the AA was not the most auspicious start to a caving weekend, but with a bit of carefully applied wire we were soon on our way! Weekend went brilliantly; we had St Cuthberts & Shatter cave leaders to take us underground, so got to see some extremely pretty formations!

A full report of the sofa burning debauchery and how ol' sea-dog Trevor nearly ended up with an eye-patch with appear as soon as one of the usual suspects writes it...

ICCC Mendip meet. Saturday: St Cuthbert's Swallet, led by a friend of Ann's called Sean. Nice trip, although shorter than I expected – we were in and out within three and a half hours. The Great Gour was rather impressive.

Dave L