Wot no photos?

As these were typed up in 2024, some (but likely not all) of the less "politically correct" descriptions of non-cave antics from the original reports have been omitted (typically sexist descriptions, occasionally racist epithets).

South Wales 12-14 October

1st Freshers trip


Those present: Cath White, Simon Seward, Chris Birkhead, Neill Pattinson, Harry Lock, Richard Colcott, Dave Warrington, Clive Orrock, Charlie Cawthorne, Chris Cawthorne, Helen Cawthorne, Malcolm Barr, Donald Barr, John Harrison, Tim Martin, Sarah-Jane Hunt, Rowan Carr, Jane Enderby, Dewi Lloyd, Graham (20!)

Wot! No president


Assembled outside Beit Arch at the early hour of 5pm, but had to wait for a few people to turn up. With a full van load of 14 ready to go at 6pm, who should arrive but Malcolm's brother and friend, expecting to come caving, the message that room was non-existent apparently not having reached them. However they agreed to make their own way down to S Wales once Malc arrived, so we eventually set off. *

Made fast progress, stopping in Abergavenny for fish and chips, and reaching the Bridge Inn for 10pm. A few pints later, having met Charlie, Chris and Helen, we set off up to Whitewalls, where we met Malc + 2, and accomodation was sorted, with 9 in tents in the garden! Loads of CSS were present, Ogof Daren Cilau having recently been extended, and talk of the Aggie Master Cave was plentiful.

*what about the guy who turned up armed only with a blanket claiming he'd put his name down at Freshers Fair?


4 trips were botched together.

Little Neath River Cave Appreciation Society Trip (LNRCAS): Richard Collcott, Simon Seward, Harry Lock, Dewi Lloyd, Dave Warrington, Catherine White

Flood Entrance / Canal Bypass (once we found it) / Tributary Passage to Sump 2 / back via Canal + a quick look at Bridge Cave sump. This trip was Ex-cellent, as per usual with this cave, and everyone enjoyed it a lot. Not too wet in Entrance Series, with plenty of airspace. Dave dropped us off at Ancient Brit for a quick pint.

OFD: Clive Orrock, Neill Pattinson, Sarah-Jane Hunt, Tim Martin

Straight forward trip down Maypole Inlet to mainstream. Met Malc on way out. All out OK.


OFD: Malcolm Barr, Chris Birkhead, Donald Barr, Graham

Not so much the 'A' team on this jaunt into OFDII, Malcolm our 'guide' who recognises and remembers too many bloody passages, Donald "3 business lunches a week" Barr, Graham (fag stop every two minutes), and of course myself. Wandered about aimlessly to start with looking for good passages to get lost in, Malcolm found one quite easily, so we wasted a good ten minutes there, then it was my turn, then Malc's -- etc etc, Graham didn't like it so we came out.


Aggie: Charlie Cawthorne, Helen Cawthorne, Chris Cawthorne, Jane Enderby, John Harrison, Rowan, John H (old lags rep)

North West Junction and back

Once we'd recovered from the shock of having insufficient lamps and helmets (and the van returning to give them to us (and change a ripped tyre)) we stared on the first horrendous section - the 15 minutes level walk to the entrance. After 20 minutes hard caving (grade and time judged by JH) we stopped to let Jane recover (JH silently retching in the corner). Jane found 2nd wind, JH continued retching, Charlie led from a distance and we continued. After 4 days extreme caving (grade and time judged by JH) we reached 1st boulder choke. Thereafter to NW Junction passed in a daze. Points to note: Rowan blesses himself upon entering water, Jane does swar, Charlie leads from a distance, Chris C and Helen can't keep up with him, JH retches at the end. Another rest at NW Junction followed by Jane (I don't know where I'm going) leading the party out (JH retching at the back). 4 hours and we'd finished the most difficult caving known to man. Points to note: Chris C is dyslexc and so can't fill in the Aggie log even inaccurately. After the marathon trek to the hut, JH retired and led to the pub. All others felt it was an easy trip.



An exercise in good planning, underground party management, and maintaining good relations with various influential clubs etc. 3 trips were planned for Sunday.

Little Neath RC: Richard Collcott, Chris Birkhead

Could have been a real killer this one.

All started OK as soon as Donald got used to the idea of being almost totally submerged in fast flowing water (I wasn't that keen either), soon got to the central bypass which Donald and I took, leaving Rowan and Richard to disappear down the canal, some confusion over meeting places lead to Donald and I going off for our own trip and exiting early as my lamp 'failed'. Went to Bridge Cave - Richard and Rowan exit to find us 'not out' ie gear still there etc. Does Rich sit and wait for

1) us to exit under our own steam 2) more people and lights etc

No, Rich goes down ALONE to look for us - Richard was very silly (stupid - RJC edit) to do this and caused me alot of worry (paranoia)


1a) JH and James walked to the pub, and got there after closing time.


But why were they so late?

Top Ent to Cwm Dwr (OFD): Simon Seward, Clive Orrock, Dave Warrington, Catherine White, Malcolm Barr, Harry Lock, Dewi Lloyd, Neill Pattinson, Sarah-Jane Hunt

NOTE Kath W name is CATH she doens't like a K

Headed down Top entrance to streamway without any problems at great speed. Good fun was had in the pot holes along the streamway (-dry gear is not the ideal attire for this section!) and Simon succeeded in bottoming a 7 footer. Reached the confluence in record time and left the streamway to head for Cwm Dwr entrance. Clive's leadership qualities were tested to the full as we wandered up and down passages trying to find the way out. Various cries of "I remember this bit" mingled with "I'm sure this wasn't a dead end last time", then suddenly the boulder choke appeared and the exit reached with no further trouble.

Cwm Dwr - Top Ent OFD: Simon Seward, Clive Orrock, Dave Warrington, Catherine White, Malcolm Barr, Harry Lock, Dewi Lloyd, Neill Pattinson, Sarah-Jane Hunt

Eventually got down Cwm Dwt at around 2pm. Few navigational problems were encountered until the far side of the boulder choke was reached. We managed to muddle through to the Confluence with only minor hesitations on the way. Met Clive and his party a short way up the streamway. A slight detour was made with Neill imagining the oxbow long before it appeared. The series of potholes proved interesting, as all but Dewi were wearing dry gear. Only Harry remained reasonably dry, he ascribed the damp condition of the other party to "a lack of technical competence". There were no problems with route find on the top section. We got out at 6:45pm, on the way down meeting a member of SWCC, who was going to look for us as we were slightly overdue.


Mendips 19-21 October

2nd Freshers Trip


Those present: Steve Lane, Kath James, Spike, Charlie, Chris Caw, Chris Back, Cath W, Dave Warr, Harry, Dave Wilson, Patrick Rorie, Oliver Hawes, Paul Harvey, Clare Murphy, Andrew Kelly, Morgan Jenkins, Adam Wiltshire, Peter Plackowski, Jeremy Soame


Longwood: Dave Wilson, Steve Lane, Andrew, Morgan, Pete

Swildon's No.1 (sump 2 and back): Kathy James, Dave Warrington, Patrick, Clare

Swildons Short Round trip: Charlie Cawthorne, Catherine White, Chris Cawthorne, Oliver, Jeremy

Manor Farm Swallet: Chris Backhouse, Harry Lock, Spike


Lamb Leer: Dave Warrington

Swildon's Short Round Trip: Dave Wilson, Harry Lock, Kathy James, Spike

Longwood: Chris Backhouse, Catherine White

Yorkshire 3-4 November

Wot no Clive?


Rowten, Bull: Richard Collcott, Chris Backhouse, Neill Pattinson

Large: Malcolm Barr, Harry Lock, Mark Bown, Dave Warrington, Catherine White

Ireby Fell: Dave Wilson


Rowten again: Richard Collcott, Simon Seward, Jennie Gilbert, Steve Lane

Marble Steps: Neill Pattinson, Catherine White

A disaster. Nothing to add!


Wot no more chaos

Mendip Cliquey Trip 16-18 November

Wot no incrowd? Dissent Soc!


St. Cuthbert's Swallet: Richard Collcott, Dave Wilson, Harry Lock

GB Cave (photo trip): Dewi Lloyd, Steve Lane, Dave Warrington


Swildons Short Round Trip: Richard Collcott, Dave Wilson, Harry Lock, Dewi Lloyd

Thrupe Lane: Charlie Cawthorne, Dave Warrington

Wot no trousers

Yorkshire 23-25 November

Incrowd Outcrowd Descent Soc


Bull Pot: Malcolm Barr, Simon Seward


Vesper Pot: Malcolm Barr, Simon Seward

South Wales Nov 30-Dec 2nd

Wot no Dave?



Tunnel Cave - Top Entrance: Simon Seward, Chris Birkhead, Harry Lock, Clive Orrock, Neill Pattinson

Cwm Dwr Quarry: Dave Warrington

Top Entrance to Smiths Armoury: Richard Collcott, Malcolm Barr, Catherine White, Jon Sims


Craig a ffynnon: Malcolm Barr, Simon Seward, Chris Birkhead, Harry Lock, Clive Orrock, Neill Pattinson

Porth-yr-Ogof: Dave Warrington, Jon Sims

Yorkshire Week 14-21 December 1984

Wot no suspension

Friday 14th

Quick journey to Leeds. Didn't stop at Fentons much to certain people's annoyance.


Disappointment: Dave Wilson, Harry Lock, Dave Warrington

Lost John's (a MEGA TRIP!) :Chris Birkhead, Clive Orrock, Catherine White, Jon Sims

Spectacle Pot: Richard Collcott, Malcolm Barr, Simon Seward, Neill Pattinson


County Pot: Malcolm Barr, Harry Lock, Dave Warrington, Catherine White

Black Shiver: Richard Collcott, Simon Seward, Neill Pattinson


Whernside SRT course: Sarah, Dewi, Jon, B Dave

Non-cavers: Rich, Simon, Cath, Clive, Neill, Harry

Repairing FX2s: L Dave


King Pot: Dave Wilson, Simon Seward, Harry Lock, Clive Orrock

Rowten with Forder II: Dewi Lloyd, Dave Warrington, Jon Sims, Sarah-Jane Hunt

Bull Pot: Richard Collcott, Neill Pattinson, Catherine White


Juniper Gulf: Richard Collcott, Harry Lock, Dave Warrington, Catherine White

Yordas Cave followed by Bull: Simon Seward, Clive Orrock, Neill Pattinson

Bull Pot: Dave Wilson, Dewi Lloyd, Jon Sims, Sarah-Jane Hunt


Malham Cove abseil (70m) and a subsequent rescue: Rich, Harry, Cath, Sarah, Jon, L Dave, Dave

Ironically we all put our change from breakfast at 'The Fountain' in the CRO Fund collection boxes. little did we know that we would call them out that evening

The Christmas Dinner

Wot no mistletoe; A Happy Christmas to all our readers


Could 1985 be the year when --

  1. Little Dave becomes Big Dave
  2. Simon sails through his exams
  3. Rich tries Physics I for a change and fiddles the RCC accounts in our favour
  4. Neill cures his alcohol problem and enters the caravan-selling business
  5. Simbos safety catch jams open
  6. Clive gets a job at the P.D.F.A. and is shortly after put out to grass
  7. Ladders and lifelines are the order of the day
  8. Malcolm visits the barbers and dives Bridge Cave
  9. John Harrison grows a fourth leg
  10. Steve Lane makes an evolutionary quantum leap and adopts the normal Homo erectus walking posture
  11. Dave Warrington enters the Monaco Grand Prix
  12. ICCC affiliates with SWCC! QMCCC, NCC, + WSG

Mendips 11-13 January 1985


Steve Lane, Dave Warrington, Richard Colcott, Chris Birkhead, Malcolm Barr, Cath White, Harry Lock, Katy Lock

Wot no line? Wot no ICCDG


Stopped in Bristol for grotty fish n chips, then went to Hunters for a couple of pints before arriving at the Belfry. Straightforward journey.


We all decided to go down Swildons, and two trips were organised.

Diving trip to Sump 9 and back: Malcolm Barr, Harry Lock, Dave Warrington, Alan (BEC/CDG)

The gentle phutt-phutt of the demand valve... blah blah blah... entanglement in the line... blah blah blah... face mask ripped off... blah blah blah... followed up a blind inlet etc etc. These fears were cast aside as we reached Sump 2 and our thoughts crystallised as we prepared to dive. Sump 2 was nae bother - we all passed it without event. Sump 3 was a different kettle of fish... Malc led through, followed by me, then Dave (we thought).


I dived into sump 3 and got past OK. Went tanking along the rope and reached a point where the line went up rather sharply - the end of an easy dive i thought. But then the rope took a long rigth hand bedn and the sump continued. Something was wrong but on I went, spluttering a bit and getting rather desperate. After lots more spluttering I smashed into a rock and my helmet was ripped off. Hence I had no light and I thought it was my own light of life that had gone out. This was what it was like to die!! I surfaced soon after in the great air bell in the sky, where a monster with 3 lights on his head was waiting for me. Actually it was only Alan.

Dave Warrington

Sump 4 was tight as expected. But it was OK if you took it steady and looked where you were going since you had plenty of air. Sump 5 and Cowsh Aven were the most unpleasant parts of the trip, with the duck involving several small dives to get under rock lips. There was lots of horrible red worms, flies, and cowsh... everywhere. Sump 6, 7, 8 bypass was quite long and a bit tiring but we eventually reached Sump 9 pool where Malcolm's camera refused to work. Turned round and came back same way. Sump 4 seemed hardest on the way out. Malcolm free climbed the 20 for the first time. We head back to the hut.


Swildons Shatter series: Richard Collcott, Chris Birkhead, Steve Lane, Catherine White, Katy

Ecploration trip to acquaint ourselves with the shatter series in prep for doing the Long Round Trip. Went up to grit sump then back at shatter passage team split. Steve and Chris (both in non-duck/dry gear) went on out with Katy while Cath and Rich finished off the Short Round trip - locating the climb down into Blue Pencil. Then went to look at Sump 2, saw others diving to Sump 9 and back were out (the weights had been returned) so went on out with slight route finding problems (could not remember it being nearly as far to Sump 1 as it was). Overall good trip and prepared us well for LRT next day.



Long Round Trip: Richard Collcott, Chris Birkhead, Steve Lane, Catherine White

Mendip 'pushing' trip 25-27 January

Patrick + Big Dave

6 caves and SRT

Wookey Hole Grotto

Yorkshire cliquey weekend, January 18-20

Spectacle - Vesper non-exchange trip

Spectacle: Richard Collcott, Chris Birkhead, Harry Lock

Vesper: Steve Lane, Neill Pattinson, Catherine White

Yorkshire official Jan 25-27

Wot no Harry


Bull Pot: Jane Enderby, John Harrison

Black Shiver: Richard Collcott, Simon Seward, Neill Pattinson, Catherine White

Stream Passage: Malcolm Barr, Chris Birkhead

Yorkshire 8-10 Feb


Marble Sink: Richard Collcott, Harry Lock, Dewi Lloyd


Simpson - Valley: Harry Lock, Sarah-Jane Hunt

King Pot: Richard Collcott, Dave Wilson, Malcolm Barr, Catherine White

Meregill: Simon Seward, Chris Birkhead, Dewi Lloyd, Neill Pattinson

Stream Passage: Dave Warrington, Jane Enderby, John Harrison

Sunday (the day nothing happened)

Pippkin Pot - Link Pot: Simon Seward, Chris Birkhead, Simon Leach