Arun Paul, James Perry, Jennifer R, Laura Harrison, Peter Ganson, Rebecca Diss, Ryan Boultbee, Shivani Gangadia, Úna Barker


Only seven of us were up to the challenge that is sCHECC but our two empty seats were filled by two far superior Nottingham humans, Laura and Ryan. I gave them some very poor directions to stores which lead to Perry and I finding them outside Beit, about to be stolen by the recently renamed Hiking Society. With so little to sort out, we left South Ken before 6pm, bound for the SWCC. After a quick stop at TESCO (triggering a debate about whether it should be called TESCOs or TESCO) for the essential alcohol and food, the drinking commenced. This was probably one of the best bus journeys I’ve been on. There were exceedingly bangin’ tunes, miscellaneous snacks, and best of all – enough alcohol to knock out a Peter if we wanted to. After a cheeky second stop to relieve our bladders, we made it to the SWCC where the real fun would start. I’m pretty sure the second-row crew (Jennifer, Laura and I) were quite drunk before we even got there so this was destined to be at least a somewhat wild night. It’s all a bit of a blur but what I do remember will be documented here for research purposes. As with all CHECCs, toplessness was a given. The tunes were infinitely more banging than at the previous CHECC, so much dancing and general rave-like antics took place. An eye-witness account confirms that sock wrestling was on the agenda - Perry got very into it and there was chanting and presumably pain for some. I distinctly remember also chanting N-U-C-C at the top of my lungs for quite some time, supposedly in retaliation to KUCCs chants. I made the mistake of giving Peter my wine bottle, so he could have some and he of course drank it all (again! – when will I learn?). This lead to me apparently throwing somebody else’s drink at him and then having a cider poured on my head. Why do I always end up wet at these things? (fnarr fnarr? Gosh.)



OFD II: ofd Arun Paul, James Perry, Jennifer R, Laura Harrison, Peter Ganson, Rebecca Diss, Ryan Boultbee, Shivani Gangadia

Ouch. Una and Shivani were a bit worse for wear. One alcohol related, one supposedly tonsillitis related. No caving for Una but Shivani braved the cave, some might say. The rest of us were totally fine, honest. A cheeky trip in OFD 2 to Northern Lights with Jennifer, Peter, Ryan and Laura would definitely cure any ailments. There was all the usual cavey stuff probably (this is what happens when you write most of the trip report two months after the incident) and we got to a tight, wet crawl that we let Peter explore. It got pretty grim apparently and I’m unsure whether we left because we weren’t sure if it was the way or because we couldn’t be bothered to do it. At some point there was a muddy dig or something and the more movement inclined humans of us dived in. Laura and I were left to lie in the mud with our lights off which was rather therapeutic. I sang Lead of Mine on request as we headed out. Some went to Iret chamber because they like the prospect of traverses over deadly drops. The best of us left and had a good snow/ice fight on the way back to the hut. I may have thrown a rather large and slightly weightier than expected piece of ice at Laura (sorry!) which hopefully didn’t lead to bruising. More things probably occurred before we found ourselves in the marquee with acquired control of the tunes. An attempted rave occurred before we relocated to the common room. Glitter tattooing in some very interesting places occurred (leading to me having NUCC in pink glitter on my chest for ~a month). There may have also been bum cheek tattoos of meerkats and the word devil from certain members of the ICCC/Notts crew who shall not be named ????. A Jenga drinking game happened leading to clothes swaps, drinking and me eventually attempting to set fire to pieces. Apparently my aim was poor so they should have survived.



Cwm Dwr: Arun Paul, Jennifer R, Úna Barker

This day probably existed. I think I slept and drank tea. On the way back, we got Burger King because Perry makes excellent life choices #PerryForPresident. Note to self: write trip reports earlier in future.