Italy - Asiago


Andrej Fratnik, Izi Možir, James Kirkpatrick, Jana Čarga, Jarvist Frost

Asiago Long Weekend

The Team

Saturday: Abisso Spiller

Entrance of the cave in a conifer forest at ~1800 near Monte Verena. A 65 m pit is followed by a narrow meander with some small jumps. More pits (one of which beautifully decorated) lead to a rift/boulder choke with eventually leads to a homely underground camp (with telephone on a rock!), more meander and more pits.

Caved to -300m+, mostly perm. rigged. Passed UG Bivi / end of telephone wire at ~-300m. Silly Jarv instigated came of hunt the Englishman on way out. Card games & goodbye to Luca.

Sunday: Abisso Est

Caved to ~200m ? 95m entrance drop, we took sidechambers via approx. 2 x 50m pitches. Some nice photos. A while to rig the deep bits + derig up.