Hidden Earth (BCRA) 2007


Andy Jurd, Dave Loeffler, Dave Wilson, James Huggett, Jana Čarga, Jarvist Frost, Tom Brown

Jana Carga, Dave Wilson, Dave Loeffler, James Huggett, Jarvist Frost, Tom Brown and Andy Jurd

Two days of camping, lovely weather, lots of cavers and good talks. Of course there was lot's of beer and caving things to buy as well.

Jarv, Tom, James H., Dave L and I arrived at Tewkesbury on Friday evening. On Saturday Andy Jurd was around. Unfortunately our talk was on Sunday afternoon and both Jarv and Andy had to go back home on Saturday. Bugger!

So James, Tom and I had to face up to the horrible shock that one of us would have to do the talk. Finally we decided than I and Tom would do it!

With just 3 hours before we start to prepared the speech. We split the talk into two parts and reorganised the slides. We started with a background introduction and some of the history of the whole exploration on Migovec plus we show the survey of all caves on the Mig, so the peoples got an overall impression. So, Tom had an intro, about the camp and water problems, System Migovec and Vrtnarija / Gardeners' World. I spoke about Planika, U-bend, Razor cave. Tom concluded with a thanks from ICCC to all of the sponsors plus he said few words about the Hollow mountain book.

Overall I think the talk went really well. The hall was full, lots of peoples were listening.

We also gave the book to Descent for a review, which is really important in terms of getting our information out there.

Special thanks to Dave Wilson for help with promoting The Hollow Mountain, and for looking after the stall.

Some of the talks were very interesting, especially about the caving in Mulu and Borneo. On most of the talks the leading cavers invite new cavers to join their expeditions. You can find in pdf file the 2007 program and a short description of all the talks.

For the entertainment on Saturday night, there was an old rock, rock n roll band Stomp. We had great time dancing for 3 hours almost non stop - Stomp stomp stomp.

We left Hidden Earth soon after our talk, which was the last anyway, just in time before it started to rain.

Jana Carga