Wales 6th and 7th April 2003

Report and photos by Jan

Jan, Shed, Pete and Helen

A small IC group joined the Westminster AGM in South Wales for eating, drinking and silly dancing (and counting roundabouts).

Saturday - Ogof yr Ardd

(Cave of Arse) - Swansea Valley

Andy Sewell mentioned a little known cave which was supposed to be good, so we headed off to check it out, despite a conflicting account that some Oxford cavers had given it one look and decided it was too shonky. But we were unperturbed, well possibly a little, as Hilary had been one of the cavers.

Ardd cavers. NB Shed's shiny new oversuit!

The Tunnock's bar passes the Tunnock challenge.

The highlight of OyA is a 30ft ladder pitch into a fluted chamber with a waterfall coming in from the other side. Other 'highlights' were the chockstone it was rigged off and in the entrance crawl the most precarious boulder propped up by a small pebble.

At the bottom of the fluted chamber a rift continues for 750m to a sump we followed it until things got squalid (including the aroma). Pete continued a bit and said it opened out into a nice stream passage.

When we got out the sun was shining, which was a bit of a shock. So we grabbed beers from the car and enjoyed the warm sun. Perfect.

Apres cave

Saturday Evening

Medieval Banquet - Craig y Nos Castle

After caving we pitched up at the castle for the AGM, the place was a bizarre mix of grandeur and decay (and scooby doo).

Click on the pic for more on the colourful history of Craig y Nos


Digging in Hepste Valley/18th Hole

After breakfast we headed back to the cottage to find Toby, he said he was going blow some rock up at the 18th Hole.

Pete is sent down a hole