Weekend Trip 7/8 June 2003

Jan, clewin, Tom

Drove up the M1 in Clewin's car, via Tom's place. Arriving on a warm night in the fells the Red Rose was empty, but we had the key. Report by Jan.


"...3 bottles of Grolsch in a tackle sack..."

Beautiful day, by the time we've woken up and fried-up there are walkers and cavers passing the farm onto the fell, while we sit outside eating breakfast. Eventually caving kit is put on and the 3 of us amble off to Easegill, then Jan has a moment of genius, we stick 3 bottles of Grolsch in a tackle sack to leave in the stream outside WR.

Says clewin while sunbathing after breakfast - "This is why we don't cave in the summer."
Tom's response, "Like the Grolsch, you've got to take things slowly."

Top Sink to Wretched Rabbit

"...it was about as useful as a Chocolate Teapot."

Early start! We went down at 3pm, the top of Walrus pitch was already rigged (yet again a pull-through foiled by fixed rigging 1 ). From Limerick Junction the route is best described as - follow the stream, climb up when it looks like there is a higher level traverse and then you are on course for the Bridge of Sighs - we started with following the guide description, but it was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

"...midges soon descended for a feast of smelly caver..."

From Nagasaki chamber its easy going and with a few diversions we we're soon at the Pool Sink turning off the main streamway. Our description failed to mention turning right beforehand for Holbeck Junction, so we spent a bit of time being lost and thinking of the beer awaiting us.

Holbeck junction takes you via huge passage to Stop Pot and the start of WR, through Four Ways Chamber. From here we skipped merrily out of the cave. Outside the beer was delicious, but midges soon descended for a feast of smelly caver so the moment didn't last long.

  1. Henceforth to be known as a 'spanish pull-thro'.