The twin storms of CHECC and Arwen collided in an uninsulated barn in the Dales, so a small group sought the warmth of Notts 1 while the others endured the cold above ground at CHECC training workshops.


A dry yet cold weekend accommodated our first SRT trip of the year featuring Derbyshire classics, as well as the club's return to the deepest local pothole after many years.


Some lucky guinea pigs got to experience bonfire night in the Mendips. Some caving happened too.


For our second fresher trip of 2021, we joined forces with OUCC and enjoyed a wet Halloween weekend of caving and games at the SWCC.


For the first trip of the year, we stayed at the Croydon in Ystrafellte and ventured into Cwm Dwr, OFD I, and OFD II over a gloriously sunny weekend.

Welcome, freshers of 2021, to the Imperial College Caving Club website! If you are interested in caving, you've come to the right place! This website contains loads of useful info for new and prospective members on our club info page, and be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be notified about upcoming trips.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email us on our gmail account, or join our facebook group.

We will be starting our weekly tree training sessions from Wednesday (6th October) from 1 – 5pm on the green opposite Prince's Gardens. Just look for a bunch of people on ropes climbing trees! This is where we teach people the rope techniques needed for our later trips to the vertical caves of Yorkshire. This is also a good opportunity to say hi and ask questions about caving.

We also gather at the Union Bar/FiveSixEight most Tuesdays from 6pm. We'll usually have a caving helmet at our table to make us easier to find.


A classic Yorkshire weekend feat. Lost Johns before term starts.

The Scottish highlands gifted us with wonderful weather for a week of multi-sport activity. There was caving, hiking, cycling, and swimming, along with organ playing, midge dodging, seal spotting, and hair cutting with the longest pair of scissors known to humankind. Truly glorious.

Deprived of Migovec for the second year and trapped in the UK to avoid quarantine hotels, we searched for some way to emulate our beloved expo. Where could we find a farflung location, lots of rope dangling, and lovely mountains? The answer: spend a week caving in the Dales, then trundle north into the far reaches of Scotland.


We make the best of the CPC's "winch without a winch" Gaping Gill meet and visit the main chamber via many pre-rigged entrances.