CSS Whitewalls hosted us for summer Welsh caving. We delved into most of the major systems on the Llangattock escarpment, as well as Ogof Craig a Ffynnon. The highlight was a textbook trip around the Grand Circle in Aggy.


A triumphant Easter tour to County Clare in Ireland, after almost twenty years away! Ferries, river caves and board games all feature strongly in this report of our time there.


Our old frenemy RON yet again challenged ICCC's chancellor, determined to lead the caving club into sunlight. Thankfully a host of our finest cavers arose from the depths and vowed to use their shiny Pixas and less shiny Duos to keep us underground in familar lamplight. After an extremely democratic and thorough voting process RON was thwarted once more.

Congratulations to the new committee:

Matti Mitropoulos
Ellie Pizey
Zaeem Najeeb
Tackle Master
Chris Hayes
Social Secretary
Mia Jones
Health and Safety + Media Officer
Leo Antwis
Tours Secretary
Rebecca Diss
Wojtek Sowinski

As always, our commiserations to the winners of the following awards:

Herman Herz: The CHECC 2021 Attendees, for braving an arctic blizzard in the early hours of the morning to pitch their tents, dodging a myriad of flying objects whilst fumbling with slippery poles, and watching helplessly as their companions’ tents were hurled into trees and rivers.

For Evans' Sake: Una Barker, for her failure to lift various layers of caving gear out of the way of the torrent on Winter Tour, having to endure her trip with a damp piss infused arm, and then refusing to do any further caving due to the absence of a washing machine.


A glorious weekend in Yorkshire featuring trips to the infamously windy Fountains Fell and a mass assault on Easegill.


A dozen minds congregated at the YSS to be educated in the delicate art of first aid by Sean over a detailed and informative weekend. Topics included recovery position, CPR, mouth-to-mouth, anaphylaxis, diabetes, tourniquets, bandages and more. We were also practically exposed to how difficult it is move anyone unconcious without causing severe head injuries. A tiny bit of late-night caving also occured on the Saturday.


A large collection of groups convened at the Wessex for some moderate-weather Swildoning, pot and slinging, and late night SRT training chaos.


Showers hindered us from visiting Pen-y-ghent despite staying at the Bradford, so we defaulted to none other than... Leck Fell of course. Such excellent caves.


Kingsdale classics featured heavily over the cold dry weekend, though a hidden gem was discovered in the shadow of Pen-y-ghent.

A winter with fewer Covid restrictions saw us on another tour in the Dales ticking off some of our favourite trips, including exchanges in Lost Johns', going to the bottom of King Pot, pulling through down Simpson Pot, and luring people into Big Meanie's tight tight entrance.


A wet weekend in Yorkshire featuring a mass assault on Easegill, as well as some damp trips to Mayday and Notts II.